Today I need your help !!


Today I thought that I should talk about my audience. I have been writing a blog for the last two months constantly on motivational or other stories. And I believe you people are liking my stories. I have a question for you ? for which I can improve my blog better than before.

Well, the question is what did you like to hear from me so I can deliver that type of story. Before I was writing the Panchatantra stories which are a very old Indian tale and also motivational stories. So now I am stuck here, what should I write on my blog which you people liked to read.

Maybe it’s a foolish question to ask. But I feel today I should ask you once so I can continue with the same content which I was used to delivering you.

So here I have an idea if you have a good story or you want to share your story with the world so I request you to share with me so I can able to publish it to my blog. And I will get a huge opportunity to share your’s stories with my lovely audience. You can be touch with me in my email id

Actually, one friend suggests that I should post motivational stories. So I started the same. Yes, I got a good response from it and I am really thankful to him who suggest posting this type of article in my blog.

I know you will surely reply to my message. I will just be waiting for your message on my blog, social media, or the mailbox.

2 thoughts on “Today I need your help !!”

  1. The story which your posting is really good but one thing you can improve from my point of view. Anyhow your posting short stories for the audience so that they can easily read but they should get connected with it in daily life, so what you can do is…In every story there will be a message so at the end of story you can tell your life story how that message or incident happens or helped , or without that what you had missed and also you can ask about the audience story too with the same message you deliver in story. It can be short or long but you should make connect in that. So the audience can easily have good interactive connect with the story and you.

    Happy for you. Hope you will do the best 👍

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