Do love with other sight

Ananda the favorite disciple of Buddha, having been sent by the Lord on a mission, passed by a well near a village and seeing Pakati, a girl of the Matanga caste he asked her for water to drink. And Pakati said: Brahman, I am too humble and mean to give you water to drink, do not ask any service of me lest your holiness be contaminated for I am of low caste” And Ananda replied,” I ask not for caste but for water and the Matanga girls’ heart leaped joyfully and she gave Ananda to drink. Ananda thanked her and went away.
But she followed him at a distance. having heard that  Ananda was a disciple of Gautama Buddha the girl repaired to the Blessed one and cried: “Lord help me, and let me live in the place where Ananda your disciple dwells, so that I may see him and minister to him, for I love Ananda”. The blessed one understood the emotions of her heart and he said: ”  Pakati, your heart is full of love but you understand not your own sentiments. It is not Ananda that you love, but his kindness. Accept, then, the kindness you have seen him practice to you, and in the humility of your station practice it to others. Verily there is great merit in the generosity of a king when he is kind to a slave, but there is greater merit in the slave when he ignores the wrongs which he suffers and cherishes kindness and good-will to all mankind. He will crease to hate his oppressors, and even when powerless to resist their will with compassion pity their arrogance and supercilious demeanor. Blessed are you, Pakati for though you are a Matanga you will be a model for noblemen and noblewomen. You are of low caste, but Brahmans may learn a lesson from you. Swerve not from the path of justice and righteousness and you will outshine the royal glory of queens on the throne.” 
Moral: You see in life sometimes we fall in love with a person but actually we fall in love with the acts that that person displays or with the idea that we have of that person and so it should be easy to find those ideas and acts in other persons too in every other person. If we like an idea about someone maybe we can make it our own as well and grow as a human being as well it is easier for a king to give a dime to a poor man but it is a million times harder for a poor man to give a dime to another poor man.

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