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In the COVID pandemic period, I felt to do some productive work so I thought to learn digital marketing. I am a Marketing student who has two years of experience in sales & marketing.

So I started learning about it and implementing it. But at some point of time, I felt I need a mentor who can guide me. I met Digital Deepak who nowadays the mentor of my learning. He always says

I would like to share my knowledge. Until now whatever I learned from him and by my understanding of this subject I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to talk about it like the fundamental marketing and sales, the method of marketing, personal branding, Masstrust, CATT, AIDA. 

 It will be lengthy but it will be useful for you. So let’s begin

What is marketing? If we start our discussion, then people connect it with the sale and understand that sales and marketing are both the same, but it is not like that, but yes, they both linked with each other. Here we will learn what sales and marketing are? And how it connects. So let me explain these concepts.


Marketing in simple meaning is to understand the needs and wants of customers and according to them, we can design the product and the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.


Is a narrower concept. It means, providing the customer with the goods he/she needs in exchange for a price. It is usually between two parties. The sale is more like an agreement wherein the buyer receives the product in exchange for money.

So we understood what sales and marketing are. Now we go further to know how it links to each other.  Before that, we should know about fundamental marketing, which made by  4’s P is the essential category involved in the marketing of goods or services.

Four’s P- Product < Place <Price < Promotion

Understand this category in brief

Product:-  The first P is Product stands for the goods and services you offer, the product brings by the customer needs. whether it’s a bottle of water or car insurance. This P includes the product’s design and development as well as its branding and packaging.

Place:- The second P is Place is for location, and it’s just where the product and services offered for sales and how it gets there, and this is how the product moved from the producer to consumer. Thanks to interactive media places, are now actually everywhere you can order like a plane ticket, courses, grocery, and many more.

 Price:- The third P is Price determines at what charge a product or service is offered for sale to the customer; this establishes the level of a company’s profit as it sells the product. Interactive media have also impacted price simultaneously compared to the rate of a given product or service between any number of vendors, such as when you purchase a mobile phone or any other product. 

Promotion:- The fourth is promotion, this is how you let the customer know about your product or services for sale, and this is done through advertising,  personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, and other forms of publicity.

This 4’P is also known as the marketing mix. In the marketplace, it’s now the customer is super-empowered through instant access to information and competitive prices and even sharing reviews—so traditional 4Ps show the process of marketing.

So overall marketing is focused more on pre-sales activities, surveys, or understanding the needs of customers. At the same time, sales processes are closely connected to them and realize the actual business relationships with customers.

The above points are the basics of marketing. Now we go further and understand if we have a product to sell, so how can we reach our target customer, or how can we create brand awareness in the market?

To give awareness of our product and create a brand, we should do promotion or advertising. So here two types of mediums, i.e., traditional marketing and digital marketing, where we can do advertising or create our branding. So let’s understand these two types of mediums/methods. Both marketings are an excellent source to reach the message to customers, but we should be specific in which media we are going to choose to contact the customer because it says that everything has its pros or cons. So here also the same. 

# Method of marketing

Traditional marketing

It is marketing, where we create advertising the product through magazines, newspapers, television, and radio. These are the media where we call traditional marketing. 


Impact:- The ads which are displayed in bold billboard or tv commercial is a normal part of most people’s day to day lives. They’re easy to understand and often entertaining.
Permanent:- If we have given the ads in magazines, it will be there until the magazine is recycled. It will be excellent if the consumer is an avid collector.
Memorable:- Customers can recall the ads very quickly. Visual ads or other ads, but a beautiful and impressive window display is more likely to stay in your mind than an Instagram ad you’ll probably scroll past in seconds.


 Hard to measure:- In traditional marketing, we can’t track our data like how many customers reach our ads as compared to digital marketing.
Often expensive:- If we are new in the market and want to build our brand. So it will be costly.
No direct interaction with the consumer: The ads display over the different media where we are unable to the audience’s reaction to your marketing efforts.

Digital marketing 

 It is the art of getting customers through online or digital media. Digital marketing has lots of modules, like mobile marketing, social marketing, Email marketing, and so on.


More options for engagement:- Here, we can easily engage with the customer. And can get the result of our audience thought about our brand. If your marketing has shared, liked, and had plenty of positive comments, So here we go, we are on the right track. 
Easy to measure your campaigns:- On the flip-side of traditional marketing, In digital marketing, their lots of tools to analyze our audience’s behavior and also do track and many more. So we can go to the next level of marketing efforts.
Makes smart targeting possible:- A good thing in digital marketing is that we have tools due to we can make good content for our target customers. So here, we can make our image in the market.


Digital ads can deem as annoying:-Do these things happen to you? Suppose, if we find an article to read, which is very interesting, then suddenly ads pop up again and again, which is somewhere start to annoy us. It’s sure to make you actively dislike the very brand doing the smart targeting.
Less permanent:-Digital marketing efforts like Google ads, banners, promo emails, or social media ads can have a passing, temporary character. They’re intangible and can easily ignore. If your target audience keeps scrolling or clicks to the next page, your ad will go from their screen.
Constantly evolves:- In digital marketing efforts, there is a lot to learn. Each channel usually requires its specialist, from search engine marketing to social media. So here we have to develop our skills and tools according to time.
So overall the medium we use for promoting our brand. We should clear which media we are going to use and we should know our target customer as well. Whether it is traditional or digital both mediums are good but as per my opinion, I suggest we should take the digital path cause nowadays we all connect to each other through digital.
 Most of the time we don’t have much budget to spend on advertising and promote our brand. So I believe it’s an easy way and cheap to step out in the market. It is also a simple way to know our customer’s thoughts and got to know where we stand or where we should have to correct ourselves and we can also convenience our customers with their needs accordingly and also create our brand

Until now, we understood the basics of marketing and sales and how it’s connected. And what medium should we use with its pros and cons? Now let’s talk about how we can understand digital marketing.

When I came to know about Digital marketing, I was curious about how I should start. I watched videos and read the articles. So here I get that approach to make a website and work on it. Practical knowledge is 100 times more expensive compared to theoretical knowledge.

My personal experience in marketing

So here I  started my first blog “”. Here my journey started to learn about Digital Marketing. And I came across many things, But before starting a blog we should select the niche. It’s very important due to this, it will be the foundation for our long journey in the digital world. So here the question arises to your mind how should we select the niche.

Niche selection process

To select our niched we should have the combination of these three component Passion< talent< market. If you have any two combinations then it will not work so easily, so remember it must be all three. The passion which makes us happy or determined to do something and with this, we have tons of knowledge about it. Talent where you can implement it or you can be experts on our particular subject and the market is the place where they demand it. Customers want to consume your product or services.

The concept of CATT

You’re ready with a niche now so the second important thing is Content for your blog. The content where you published it like blog posts, video, lead magnets, live webinars, podcasts, and so on. So we should create useful content that attracts an audience to your niche.

When you publish it, we need the attention to our niche. We can try the method to reach out to our target audience. We can use any method of marketing. We can drop the link to the blog or video in our social media, it could be paid ads or any other method. It is basically we try to attract our audience to come to our niche simultaneously so we can start to build our trust.

Here to build our trust is a very important element to stick in the market place where your competitors are already available. So we should always be consistent like I am doing blogging so how here I build trust with my audience i.e. consistency and with good content. 

Then my audience starts to follow me because the Trust factor is growing with my daily post and I am engaging with them and it’s called transaction where I can get more subscribers in my blog and it can be my audience do word of mouth marketing of my blog.

So the CATT  is a framework for establishing any business. We can also say it’s a funnel for customers where we can get the outline. How have you worked on the customer, that we can profit? When these things happen so profit starts to come and CATT is a Masstrust.How? let’s discover it.

Concept about #Masstrust

Mass Trust is important in any marketing. Marketing is a means to an end. The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the mind of the customers. Selling the product is not enough. We should keep the existing customer happy and build trust so they can connect with us in the long run. 

Before to go in-depth of MassTrust concept let talk about the basics of marketing, to build trust with our customer so the method they were used to sell is door to door. But this method is very slow as compared to other marketing methods. The formula of the old sale method is

AIDA which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

     Attention:- Here the salesman attracts the customer with his product and service.

Interest:- If customers attract the product so they will be interested to know about it more. 

Desire:-So here salesman to create a desire for customers to his product.

Action:- What do we want from customers and they buy the product. But here one thing also happening with it is, A salesman builds the trust, promotes the company’s brand. 

You can analyze in this method, it is consuming lots of time and energy. To build trust. is it so? But in digital marketing, we don’t need salesforce something like that. We individual do marketing our product and services in a mass audience where we can create our trust and personal branding too.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is something we create on our own. It has different stages. If I’m taking my example so like I said before, I’m interested in digital marketing so first I start to “learn” about it. How it works and what knowledge should I have to make my way to a digital hub. So here learning is the first key to personal branding. 

Then we step out to the second stage of personal branding is” Work. So here I started to work on it. To make a plan and take some notes on how I will implement it.

The third step is “Blog” Here you write about your niche which we already talked about it. More you write more you learn and you can master it.

If we write consistently so we have a good understanding of our own niche. And we can give  “consult” to others and become more self-aware of our knowledge. 

“Mentor” is the next step in personal branding. Due to giving consultation to others. Now our level of knowledge of our niche in that stage where we can do mentoring and guide someone who needs our guideline.

That much knowledge, and experience we do. Due to this, we are starting to know marketing well. So we can here “startup” our own agency or business.

The stages we talked about our personal branding and it comes under the framework of MassTrust where we create our own trust of our brand in the market. 

Until we understand the concept of masstrust, persona branding, and framework of the customer and niche. These all components come under the CATT.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing is the art of getting customers through online or digital media. Digital marketing has lots of modules, like mobile marketing, social marketing, Email marketing, and so on. In the below diagram of the flow chart of integrated digital marketing.we can understand how it works.


Content Marketing:- As per discussion it. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.

Email Marketing:- Email marketing! Basically the use of email to promote products or services. When your content is solid. So we can create the email list and develop relationships with potential customers.


Social Media:- It refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media where users quickly share their content with the public. Popular site.

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Linkedin

  • Youtube

  • Quora and so on

Search Engine Optimization:- SEO is a process of getting traffic from free organic. It means If we have good quality content then search engines drive traffic for itself.

Paid Advertising:- It is one of the tools of digital marketing where we paid money for advertising to boost our content or product. So here we are getting traffic from paid ads.

Sales &  Convert:-  It’s a system that adds and removes barriers for someone to become a customer or repeat customer when it’s appropriate because the ultimate goal of any business to use digital marketing is to drive sales to make a profit, to sell their product and services. To run any business we should know the process of the sales funnel so we can convert our customers. Which I  explained to you before about AIDA. 

As a result of conducting this article to understand the basic knowledge of digital marketing with fundamental marketing. Because Marketing is a vast subject and digital marketing is one of the elements of basic marketing. 

Between traditional marketing or digital marketing, we understood its cons and pros.  To that understand the scale of marketing methods which is best to boost our audience. 

Then after we understood the elements of digital marketing and we also saw the funnel process of it  (the personal funnel ) i.e CATT < MASSTRUST < PERSONAL BRANDING. We also talked about the basic marketing (sales funnel) i.e AIDA which we can count into the digital sales funnel for conversion.

Whether it is marketing (old) or digital (new), we promote our product to the end customer with the help of different tools and strategies because we get profit on it.

I hope you grab some knowledge related to digital marketing and how it works. If you like this article and it makes sense for you so please comment on it.

Thanks for being till the end…

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