The journey of treasure


Once upon a time, there were four brahmins who lived in a village. Although they were good friends. They treated each other like a real brother. They used to support each other in every happiness and sorrow. They were so poor due to their life was very difficult to live. Due to this, they were always anxious. And they were thinking about the solution to it. They thought that they would live in the forest but they can’t live with their relatives because they experienced it. Everyone has neglected them due to their poverty. Their relative started to make a distance from them even their loved ones also giving disrespect to them.

If there is wealth, the coward also becomes heroic, the ugly is also called handsome, and the fool also becomes a pundit. Thinking this, they decided to go to another country to earn money. They took goodbye to all and started their journey to another country. After walking some distance, they reached one town where they found the bank of the river, they thought that they would stay here for some time. And near they seen a shiva temple. Before going temple they took bath and then worshipped the God in the temple.

In the same temple, a yogi was sitting in meditation. Seeing Yogi, they went to him and said “Maharaj, please guide us.”Hearing this, Yogi took them to his ashram. Then he went and heard their agony. One of them said, “Maharaj, we live in the village of Rampur. Due to poverty, we planned to go to another country to earn money. Yogi, you are so powerful please guide us how can we earn money for our livelihood.

He continued… O Maharaj, you the only one who could help the poor like us. With the guidance of yours, we are ready to follow that path with full devote which will you suggest walking. After listening to them, the yogi felt pity for them and take out the lamp from his bag and said,” Take this lamp with you and walk towards to Himalaya. If this lamp suddenly fallen down so stop walking and dig that particular area where the lamp fell down. You will get your treasure. Take your treasure and you go back home.”

Then the four friends started their journey towards Himalaya with that lamp. The way was too long, They traveled for many days, one day a lamp one of them fell down suddenly. They reached that place and start to dig. They found their first treasure which was copper. Whose lamp fell down he decided to collect his copper treasure and go back home.

Seeing this all… one friend said, “Copper treasure, can’t take away your poverty, anyway it’s your destiny, whatever you decide it’s your own.” Saying that they proceeded for their treasure and that friend back home with his copper treasure. 

The three friends kept travel many days the lamp one of them suddenly fell down. They started to dig it and found the silver treasure. Whose lamp fell down, he said, ” Friends, This treasure will be fulfilled our needs” but one of them says, Brother don’t take me wrong but we found copper first and now silver may be in my destiny I could find Gold treasure. So you just collect your treasure and I will continue my journey for my treasure the other friend also agreed and walk along with him towards their goal. 

They two friends walked. Again the lamp fell out of the hands of one of them and found a bar of gold treasure. He said friend, take as much gold as you want here. We can overcome our poverty. We are now rich and you need not go further to earn money.”

Then the fourth Friend replied to him, “O stupid, don’t you understand what is all happening. First copper then silver and now it is gold. You all get the treasure that is in your destiny. I will sure now that next time I will find a costlier treasure of like diamonds or something else. You may collect all your treasure and return home but I will continue my journey. I am sure I will found a costlier treasure which is in my destiny.”

Therefore, the fourth friend started his journey with his lamp. the way was very terrible he was very restless and very thirsty. He lost his way then suddenly he found a man who had carries a moving spin wheel on his head. He asks him, will tell me where I can get water I am thirsty and i don’t want to know about you just tell me quickly. Suddenly the spin wheel overcome to fourth friend head and he starts paining. He asks him, ” What the hell is this? what is the meaning of all this? I can’t bear it. And how did your spin wheel shifted to my head?

The man replied Dear whoever will come to this place with this miraculous lamp then after you can get rid of it. he didn’t understand and told him to explain, The man said ” I didn’t know how long I have been here, I think in the reign of King Rama that decade I met a yogi and ask him to improve my poor condition. So he gave me a magical lamp but due to my greediness, I kept walking to get more treasure.

 Thus in this way, I met a man here under the same circumstances as you found me. And in this way, I got this wheel around my head from his head. You will be free from hunger, thirst, aging, or death but you have to bear this pain. He continued, I know this wheel made by Kuber only with which no one can approach this place and steal the treasure and the only that person can reach here who has a magical lamp.

Saying this, the man went away, and the fourth friend kept suffering from pain alone.
On the other side, A friend who was waiting for his friend to return, he was worried about his friend who still not return his way. So he decided to search for him so he started to follow his path and reached him. He found his friend full of pain and tear. He asked him what happened to you. what this chakra is all about how can I help you?

The fourth friend told him, No friend you can’t do anything this is my destined which I made for myself. And he told him full story why this happened to him. Heard his friend’s story and said, “Dear, even being an intellectual person, you lacked the sense to control your greed. You did not satisfy with Gold as you want pearls or diamonds or something more costly things. Now there is no point in giving you company” Said this, his friend left him and started his journey towards his home and the fourth friend was left all alone there in pain.

Moral:  Greediness always take you in hell so better keep make a distance:)

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