The Lion get alive again

Once upon a time, there used to be a village named Vijay Nagar. There were four friends who live in the village whose names were Ram, Shyam, Ramesh, and Gopi. they were brahmin and among them, Gopi was not so knowledgeable regard of scripture but he had had a good common sense as compared to his friends. 

One day, they met to discuss their scholarship of scripture. And says “we can’t impress a king with our skill and even can’t earn money on it?”

So they decided to go out of the village and try to earn money through their skill. That moment, Ramesh said to ram and Shyam how we can take Gopi with us. He doesn’t have the skill and even no knowledge of scripture. Then Ram says, “So what happened, he is our friend if we didn’t take him with us he will feel hurt and anyways we do also share a part of earning with him” So all friend decided to take him.

As decided, the four of them started traveling. As they were traveling through a jungle, they noticed the bones of a dead lion, lying on their way.

That’s when seen the bone of lion Shyam says, let us check our scholarship. It’s a good opportunity for us. Let’s bring him alive with the help of our skills… Both friends agreed. but Gopi doesn’t like their idea. but as usual, they all ignored gopi and started to test their scholarship. And Gopi went away from them. 

First Shyam, collect all bone of that lion and made its skeleton with his knowledge.

Then after, Ram took the skeleton and used his skill he covered him with flesh and skin.

After all this, Ramesh said that now I will give life to this lion with my skills. Then after Ramesh says, Gopi gave advice and says, don’t do this mistake ! if you do so the lion will kill us. They ignored gopi’s suggestion and say to him, we know you are jealous of our knowledge…

Don’t interrupt us and let us use our skills on it. Gopi thinks, to argue with them there no point. So he says before you do chanting the mantra to make him alive let me climb the tree. That moment gopi’s used his common sense and save himself. 

Ramesh used his skill and make him alive. To see the lion alive they three started to celebrate.

As soon as lion lively and see that three bramine in front of him. That moment itself he pounced on them and kill them. Meanwhile, gopi was seeing everything but he was very helpless he couldn’t do anything at that point. He was hanging on the tree until when the lion had gone. Then he landed down from the tree and return back to home alone.

Moral: Great power comes with great responsibility.

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